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LUCKY 88 IIPA 7.8%

Caramel specialty malts for a thick body, toffee notes and orange hue. NZH107 experimental hops from New Zealand. Double dryhop giving grape and lemon undertones, pine and resinous hop flavours. 


Daddy McGowan Kahuna Sour 5%

Daddy MCG takes a trip to Hawaii 
(after he’s done fighting bush fires). This version of the original Daddy McGowan Sour holds the same Belgian-styled malt bill but this time, soured with Philly yeast and fruited with over 100kg of tropical fruit. What you have here is a tropical-punch punch to the buds.  

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Crispy pilsner base with Caramel  specialty malts to give a warm hue.  Dry-hopped with Centennial and Simcoe. Keeping a clear head doesn't mean compromising flavour.


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Raptops are pretty groovy


Stu and Mandy of the WA Conservation of Raptors, volunteer carers specialising in Raptorial Birds of Prey: Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Kites and Owls.


After some time of being our very regular customers, they named a barn owl after our brewery. Born blind, rejected by its mother, literally kicked out the nest.

Without visual stimuli, this owl doesn't fear people and was soon imprinted on by the human touch of its' carers/now parents. To repay that honour we built our brewery logo around

Txoko: the blind barn owl (not pictured)


These volunteers feed and fix dozens of raptors completely at their own expense. It costs a lot to upkeep.

Talking 1-2 mice, each bird, a day, lot. Occasionally you'll see a coin donation box at the restaurant,

when Txoko is visiting Txoko.


Hit the button below, all proceeds will go to these conservationists  


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247 Haddrill Rd, Baskerville WA 6056, Australia

0433 398 806

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