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Gazebo Goblins: Double IPA

About the Recipe

A collaborative brew with the lords of the smoker, Big Don's Smoked Meats (BDSM).
This is our second iteration of Gazebo Goblins, a series of full flavoured IPA. In this version we made changes to bring the initial bitterness down a touch by layering kettle-hop additions later in the boil. Just enough to provide a structured backbone to offset the very large and diverse malt bill. London Ale 1318 yeast to finish slightly sweet, adding to the fruit-forward notes of Simcoe hops (famed for its Citrus & Pine aromas) and Cryo Mosaic hops (Berry, Pineapple & Mango aromas)

Art: A fantasy scene depicting Goblins cooking under a gazebo. The style reminiscent of 80s/90s fantasy novel cover art styles such as the Forgotten Realm series. Throwback to Magic cards, D&D fan art and my personal nod to 90's craft beer bottle labels, laden with interesting fantasy elements. I wanted it to be unassuming eye-catching to adult nerds like myself, given the nostalgic elements.



  • Pilsner, Munich light, Wheat malt and malted oats


  • Simcoe, Cryo Mosaic


  • London Ale 1318

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